Work packages

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The structure of LIFECON project

LIFECON project structure



Work package 1. Family formation

Contact Leader Antti Kauhanen, Etla Economic Research, p. +358 50 569 7627, antti.kauhanen [at] (antti[dot]kauhanen[at]etla[dot]fi) 

  • causes and consequences of family structures
  • fertility
  • education
  • health
  • working life experiences
  • labour market outcomes

Work package 2. Working life

Contact Leader Svetlana Solovieva, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, p. +358 43 8259557, svetlana.solovieva [at] (svetlana[dot]solovieva[at]ttl[dot]fi)

  • causes and consequences of working life structures
  • background of employees
  • forms of labour market participation
  • working career stages
  • effectiveness of labour market measures

Work package 3. Ageing, health and care

Contact Leader Pekka Martikainen, University of Helsinki, p. +358 40 2861946, pekka.martikainen [at] (pekka[dot]martikainen[at]helsinki[dot]fi)

  • long-term mortality trends
  • causes and consequences of health, disability and care needs of ageing individuals
  • social and economic factors

Work package 4. Improving the resiliency of the welfare system 

Contact Leader Tarmo Valkonen, Etla Economic Reserach, p. +358 50 3296014, tarmo.valkonen [at]

  • economic effects of future demographic changes and more equitable fiscal rules
  • macroeconomic and public finance consequences of the policy interventions examined in the other WPs

Work package 5. Interaction

Contact Interaction Coordinator Kristiina Kulha, Työterveyslaitos, p. +358 40 5486914, kristiina.kulha [at] (kristiina[dot]kulha[at]ttl[dot]fi)

  • interaction partners, with expertise in specific domains, such as education, health, the labour market or the economy
  • increasing the societal impact of the project
  • stakeholders will be informed of the novel findings and their expertise will be used to identify relevant factors in the analyses, interpret the findings and compile recommendations for future policies and practices