QAVAD, Quality of Life at Home

QAVAD is an ERASMUS+ project that seeks to work on improving the accompaniment of elderly people at home to maintain their autonomy and to provide support to careers and professionals working in the home.
Ikääntynyt mies ja tytär katselevat maisemaa ulkona


1.9.2019 - 31.8.2022


QAVAD aims to promote the development or maintenance of cognitive, motor and social skills, which are essential for quality of life (socialisation, recreational activities, sports outside the home, voluntary work, cognitive workshops, etc.). The QAVAD project aims to work on good practices in European countries that will be shared and transferred for the creation of shared training and technical methodology, at European level, to update and renew vocational training.

The project aims to support elderly peoples’ good life and inclusion to the society and prevent isolation of individuals and their families in vulnerable situations at home.

  • Improve and diversify the supply of training and education courses for social and health workers in the field of home care.
  • Promote the coordination of the actors in the territory who work around the person at home.
  • Support the emergence of good partnership practices between different service providers and home

Data and methods

  1. An action-research project developed jointly by training and research centres and of social-health services, based on the analysis of existing practices and innovation.
  2. A participatory project that includes various agents, public entities and social and health centres in each country, with the aim of providing solutions adapted to the needs of professionals and users, and taking into account existing public policies

Results and impact

  1. Inventory and analysis of innovative good practices in training and services in the field of home care
  2. Training program to promote quality of life of elderly at home
  3. Guide for care professionals, caregivers and voluntary workers to improve the quality of life of elderly people at home

Ask about the project

Further information about the project in Finland from the Finnish research group:

Eveliina Saari

Eveliina Saari

eveliina.saari [at]
+358 30 474 2712
Vilja Rydman

Vilja Levonius

vilja.levonius [at]
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Eveliina Korkiakangas

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  • ETCHARRY FORMATION DEVELOPPEMENT: Training centres for higher and vocational education and Territorial development
  • PLATEFORME TERRITORIALE D´ÁQPPUI (PTA): Territorial Support Platform of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques federates 8 schemes that promote health pathways and home care
  • LAGUNTZA ETXERAT: Home help service in the French Basque Country.


  • MATIA INSTITUTO: Centre for Research on Ageing and Referral in Person-Centred Care
  • NAZARET: Vocational training center with specialties in the social-health field.


  • CEFAL EMILIA ROMAGNA: Training Centre for Social Work and Socio-Professional Accompaniment Bologna - Emilia-Romagna
  • SOLCO INSIEME: Consortium of cooperatives for socio-educational and care services
  • UNIVERSITÁ DI BOLOGNA: Department of Educational Science. Bologna - Emilia-Romagna


  • FIOH: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Research and services for wellbeing at work
  • FOIBEKARTANO: Diakoniasäätiö Foibe sr, Foibe Oy, Elderly care services, home care and residential care

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