About us

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is an expert of well-being at work involved in research, services and influencing. Our goal is to make Finnish work life the best in the world. We develop good work communities and safe work environments together with our clients and support the work ability of employees.
henkilö istuu toimistossa ja hymyilee

We are the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health studies the relationship between work and health. We provide services and information based on latest research of work life to workplaces, decision-makers, occupational health care units and other organizations that develop well-being at work. 

We know that well-being at work and longer, productive careers are closely linked to each other. Investment in work ability is an investment in productivity.

We support workplaces in preventing and eliminating health hazards and risks associated with work environments. We search for concrete solutions and prefer preventive measures.

We know how the working age population of Finland feels and what kind of support they need in their work. We understand the drivers of change affecting work life, such as climate change, the aging and diversification of the population as well as new technologies and attitudes. 

You can turn to us in all matters related to well-being at work, occupational safety and health or work life transformations. By influencing the public discussion and decision-making related to these topics, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is building the best work life in the world in Finland.