We influence the direction of work life

What are the changes affecting the well-being at work, work ability, occupational health and occupational safety of Finns? The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health provides solutions based on researched data and issues statements about major societal matters. Learn more about our views on the areas of development in work life.

Areas for development in work life

We aim to ensure that the quality of Finnish work life improves, the productivity of work increases and work participation continues to increase as work life changes.

In addition, we bring researched information about work ability, occupational health, occupational safety and well-being at work to the public discussion. We also offer views on how to alleviate the workforce and expert shortage.

Learn more about the themes we are currently influencing.

We influence decision-makers

The research projects and expert work of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health provide important information about Finnish work life. Our policy briefs help to disseminate this information to political decision-makers. In 2022, we published 28 official statements to support decision-making processes.


We carry out work life development programmes

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health plays an important role in the Government Programme projects aimed at developing work life.

We actively take part in international and national networks

The experts of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health have a say in numerous high-level working groups that promote health and safety. Through co-operation, we spread researched data and good practices about occupational safety and health.

We spread European research data about work life

We are the Focal Point of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) in Finland, through which we disseminate current research data to Finnish workplaces.

More information about influencing

Do you have any questions about the influencing activities of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health? If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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Kirsi Ahola

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