AI to support the development of work (TeKeT)

Digital platforms can strengthen the key competencies in terms of an organization's competitive strength. Learning platforms are cost-effective and allow employees to participate regardless of time and place. Being able to think about your views and ideas in peace leaves time for learning. How can artificial intelligence support an employee's learning process? And can AI help renew the work of the coach in the development of the work community?




Finnish work life is undergoing a transformation. Employees’ duties are changing shape. The development of operations and the maintenance of up-to-date skills are issues in need of cost-effective and flexible solutions. eLearning has been a strongly rising trend internationally, and its growth is predicted to continue even further. 

The AI to support the development of work (TeKeT) project examines, on the basis of a case study, the possibilities and limitations of AI applications in work community development activities on an online platform. This information can be used to further develop impactful and cost-effective AI-enabled solutions. Workplaces will have the means to develop their own skills and activities regardless of time and place. 

Aim of the project is:

  • Finding out how the use of AI in online development can support the learning process of employees, workplaces and virtual communities 
  • Finding out how the AI elements of the learning platform can help and renew the online platform guidance and the work of the coach in work community development activities 

Our experts

Anna-Leena Kurki

Anna-Leena Kurki

project manager, specialist

anna-leena.kurki [at]
+358 30 474 2958

Project partners

The project will be carried out in co-operation with the developer of the learning platform and the consulting company. The project's development pilots will be carried out in co-operation with two organizations and one trade union. 


The Finnish Work Environment Fund

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