Reliability, quality and new possibilities of the information needed for the occupational health situation analysis

The information on use of services generated in occupational health care is part of the information collected in the social and health care service, which should be available for use nationally and regionally in the guidance, follow-up and evaluation of activities. The project makes it possible to complement other information accumulated in occupational health care and to increase the transparency of the sector.
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The project aims to: 

  • provide up-to-date information on the functioning and resources of the occupational health care service system and on the work-related illnesses of working-age people and the need for work ability support (= service event data); 
  • examine the possibilities of using service event data, its availability and the quality of the data; 
  • define the analytics and reporting processes, systems and tools necessary for the use of service event data; 
  • provide a perspective for professionals, developers and decision-makers for planning and resourcing better occupational health; 
  • review the well-being of occupational health care personnel with the help of the occupational health care service provider's data on the use of services. 

The project will provide more up-to-date and detailed information on occupational health care activities and work-related illnesses. The project will provide indicators describing occupational health care activities, new information on work-related illnesses and new opportunities to use data on the use of occupational health services in the development of well-being at work. 

Data and methods

  • Register survey (service event data concerning the employee and employer clients of an occupational health care service provider); 
  • Electronic survey for occupational health care operators' management and occupational health professionals in charge of clients, regional social and health care operators and THL's social and health care assessors, as well as decision-makers and developers in the field. 

Our experts

Sari Nissinen

Sari Nissinen

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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Research group

Sari Nissinen, Satu Soini, Tiina Kalliomäki-Levanto, Kaisa Mikkola, Jouko Remes ja Ilkka Kivinäki