Valoisa toimistotila, jossa ihmisiä työskentelemässä.

Functional Workspaces – controlled change of work environment

Changes in work life and digitalization are also reflected in workspaces. Activity-based offices, multi-location work, and collaborative use of spaces are becoming increasingly common. Successful changes in workspaces make work run smoother and improve the well-being of personnel.

Good results are achieved with skilled change management and by developing operations and work practices at the same time as the premises. We help your organization to succeed in all aspects of changing the work environment.
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In which situations should you consider involving a partner?

Both small and large changes in the work environment can be achieved more easily by partnering with experienced professionals. Our service can include light sparring to ensure changes are successful, or comprehensive support at different phases of the change process, according to your needs. You should consider us as a partner, if 

  • you are planning to move to new premises or to modify your current premises 
  • you are concerned about the well-being of personnel in relation to the changes  
  • the pandemic has raised questions about indoor environments and practices that promote health and well-being. 

The right practices enable a successful change

We help your organization to make successful changes. Our service: 

  • Increases the ability of management and supervisors to act in the changing situation.  
  • Strengthens the organization's shared view of the change by engaging different perspectives in a dialogue.  
  • Facilities that support the organization's core operations, the requirements of the work processes, and the needs of user of the premises will improve well-being at work, work flow, and productivity.  

Our reputation as an expert in workspace changes is well founded

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has extensive expertise in organizations’ work practices, changes in work, and the importance of the requirements of work in space planning. Our personnel consists of experts in a wide range of fields, including work and organizational psychology, space planning, adult education, medicine, ergonomics and indoor climate. 

Our operations are always based on researched data. We actively carry out and follow up on research related to work and well-being. We put research data into practice in our service and training activities. 

Our services for changing work environments

The service provided by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health was professional and analytical. Our co-operation was smooth and focused on listening to people's opinions.
Tiina Heikka, Lapinjärvi Municipal Manager

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