Guidelines when returning to workplace

FIOH have prepared guidelines for workplaces to support returning to work during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

First step – update risk assessment

Exposure to the COVID-19 infectious disease can be limited with safe work practices so that returning to work can happen as safely as possible. The employer must make a risk assessment or update their existing one and supplement workplace instructions and procedures, taking exposure to the COVID-19 infectious disease specifically into account. This means that the employer must

  • determine any harm and hazard related to the work and assess their significance to employees’ health and safety. The risk assessment must apply to all employees at all locations.
  • take measures to prevent hazards.
  • inform employees regarding matters that impact health and safety.
  • monitor the implementation of measures as well as changes in conditions.

The primary principle is to remove observed risk factors. If that is impossible, aim to minimise employees’ exposure and create contingency plans in case of exposure.

In co-operation with occupational safety and health

The company’s own occupational health services can provide support for assessing the risks involved with the COVID-19 infectious disease from a health perspective. Employees, occupational safety representatives and officers should also be heard about the changes to be made. Instructions by the government and other expert bodies provide examples for solving different types of issues.


We have also prepared guidelines for supporting the mental well-being of workers when returning to workplace. The guide provides tips on how to support mental well-being in the workplace and at home when doing remote work in the event of a protracted coronavirus crisis and when returning to work draws closer.

A prolonged worry about the spreading of coronavirus, your health, the health of your loved ones and financial survival can take up your resources and make it difficult to concentrate on work. As the situation continues, it is important to take care of the mental well-being and recovery of employees, whose situation may vary.

See the guidelines

Guidelines for workplaces to support returning to work

Guidelines for supporting mental well-being when returning to work


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