Ergonomic Patient Handling Card® -Learning Program

Do the employees or students in your organisation have a need to increase their skills and knowledge related to fluent and safe work practices of care work? Or do you wish to train Ergonomic Patient Handling Card® -experts into your workplace or educational institution? Important Ergonomic Patient Handling Card® -learning material is now available also in English. The digital learning material can be placed in your own organization’s learning platform or be used in The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health digital learning platform. Please contact us for more information.

Groups or customized solutions

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Course objectives

Ergonomic Patient Handling Card® -learning program is a training aimed for social and health care professionals, teachers and students. The goal of the training is to develop work practices of care work and to advance work fluency and work safety. The training provides both practical and theoretical skills to developing safe and fluent work practices, assisting moving and patient transfer. The training consists of distant and contact learning part.


The training consists of distant and contact learning phases.

Phase 1: Distant learning, online (length 2 months)

  1. Ergonomics principles in safe patient handling
  2. Natural movements and body control
  3. Biomechanical principles
  4. Safety and health in care sector
  5. Cognitive ergonomics
  6. Health promotion

After completing phase 1, the theoretical part, the student can continue studies to phase 2, contact learning.

Phase 2: Contact learning
conducted by your own Ergonomic Patient Handling Card®-trainer, length 16 hours.

Phase 3: Implementing the learned skills into practice
independent practice, minimum length 1 month.

Phase 4: Day for review and demonstration of competence
of Ergonomic Patient Handling Card® -learning program, length 1 day or the practice can be agreed with your own trainer.

For whom

The training is best suited for social and health care professionals, students and teachers.

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