Solutions for working in cold conditions today and in the future

Here in the North, we truly know what cold is. Through our research, we have learned how to protect ourselves from the cold and ensure that we can work even in the most extreme conditions. How can we help you work in the cold?
Työterveyslaitoksen asiantuntija katsoo suoraan kameraan ja hymyilee. Hän on kiinnittämässä lämpötila-anturia koehenkilön rintaan. Taustalla näkyy laboratorioteknikko, joka tutkii tietokoneen ruudulta mittauskäyriä.

What can we offer you?

  • Comprehensive expertise in heat and clothing physiology and a unique laboratory entity
  • Diverse and reliable heat balance measurement and assessment services
  • Possibilities for cooperation in applied research in physiology, medicine and technology
  • Help with your product development

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Kirsi Jussila 
Senior Researcher specialised in cold work
kirsi.jussila [at] 
p. +358 30 474 6089 

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World-class cold expertise

The cold expertise and laboratory entity of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health are unparalleled! Our expertise benefits, for example, the security sector, the extractive and steel industry, the food industry, the tourism industry as well as the stowing and storage sector.

Our experts can help you with a wide range of cold-work challenges, both in genuine work situations and in precisely-controlled conditions in our thermal and clothing physiology laboratories in Oulu.

We conduct diverse research in cooperation with other research institutes and groups. Do you have a research idea that we could work on together? Contact us!

Unique laboratory entity

Our globally unique research laboratory entity offers opportunities to create extreme conditions throughout the year. The wind tunnel, the temperature-controlled room (–45 °C to +45 °C) and the water basins (2–40 °C) can also be used for product development testing, in which case our experienced experts will take care of the use of the measuring instruments.

We rent our laboratory for a wide variety of needs. The facilities are often utilised by physiological or medical research groups, but the wind tunnel has even been used to film an entertainment programme. Don’t hesitate to ask about co-operation opportunities! 

Strategic figures of the wind tunnel located at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health's Oulu office: temperature ranges from -45 to 40 degrees Celsius, humidity ranges from 10 to 90% at temperatures above 10 degrees, and wind speed ranges from 0 to 10 meters per second.

Instructions and training for cold work

The experts at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health prepare research-based instructions and model solutions for cold work in different fields. We also provide cold protection training.

Your expert in cold conditions – Contact us!

Kirsi Jussila

Kirsi Jussila

Senior Researcher specialised in cold work 

kirsi.jussila [at]
+358 30 474 6089

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