Brief psychological treatments and psychotherapies as part of future occupational healthcare

Mental health disorders and psychological symptoms are associated with a significant public health and economic burden. Time-limited or brief psychological treatments and psychotherapies help in reducing the symptoms. However, there is less information about the long-term effects of these treatments on the workability and the need for follow-up treatment as well as how the treatments are integrated as part of occupational health care services.
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This research project aims to

  • provide a comprehensive picture of the current status of brief psychotherapies in occupational health care and educational needs regarding the implementation of these treatments
  • examine and summarize how the duration of brief psychotherapy as part of workability support are defined and how these treatments are implemented 
  • investigate what is known about the effectiveness of brief psychotherapies as a form of workability support

Data and methods

The project consists of three complementary parts: 

  • We investigate the current state of brief psychotherapies from a sample of occupational health care service providers from every wellbeing services county
  • We also investigate the educational needs related to the implementation of brief psychotherapy in occupational health care from educational institutions that organize occupational health care qualification training and psychotherapist training
  • We review scientific research and investigate what is known about the effectiveness of short psychological treatments in supporting workability. We also investigate the treatment effectiveness in a register study that uses data from occupational health care clients.

Results will be reported as scientific publications and a summary. 

Results and impact

We will report the results of the study during 2024.

Our experts

Sanna Selinheimo

Sanna Selinheimo

project manager, psychologist

sanna.selinheimo [at]
+358 30 474 2760

Project partners

Project's scientific partner is THL.


Kela and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health