Climate change and work – systematic collection of data on the impact of climate change on work life

We are studying and developing indicators to assess the impact of climate change on work life. The results provide a snapshot of the changes occurring in work life caused by climate change.



Climate change, with its complex effects, is causing a comprehensive transformation in work life. The transformation affects individuals, organizations as well as the Finnish society as a whole. The impacts may be direct or indirect: changes in weather conditions or changes related to climate change mitigation and preparedness.

The effects of climate change on work life were assessed and predicted in the scenario report published by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in 2020 as the effects of warming weather and increased extreme weather phenomena on working conditions and occupational health, requirements related to working spaces and new organizational and production models required by the circular economy.

Climate change is one of the biggest global crises of our time. Climate change and its effects are a major topic of research, but research on the topic in the context of work life is marginal. The impact of climate change on work life involves both challenges and opportunities. It has been suggested that jobs are being cut in non-renewable natural resource sectors, but on the other hand, circular economy processes create more jobs. Overall, the content and methods of work are believed to change as a result of the phenomenon. However, the effects of climate change on workplaces and at the individual level are largely unknown. Systematic data collection on the diverse impacts of climate change on work and work life is not currently underway in Finland.


  1. Collating existing data on the effects of climate change on work life
  2. We will produce new information on the subject by developing a survey that measures changes in work life caused by climate change in a diverse way.

The project also includes a doctoral dissertation on the sustainability transformation of work life.

Results and impact

The project provides an opportunity to produce information on the effects of climate change on work life to be utilized in political decision-making, extensive development programmes and in the development work of labour market organizations and workplaces.

As the project progresses, work life information related to climate change will be published to the public, for example, in the Work-Life Knowledge Service and in scientific articles.