Collaborative promotion of mental health – solutions for social and health care workplaces

The project explores and develops ways to improve employees’ mental health in the health and social services sector.
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The aim of the project is to produce research-based community-oriented tools and solutions for the promotion of mental health and the reduction of incapacity for work caused by mental health disorders in social welfare and health care organizations. The aim of the project is to produce new information on which stress factors work communities and management should especially focus on.


Results and impact

The project will produce an evidence-based work community mental health index, lists of tips for community-oriented promotion of mental health, and measures that utilize theories on behaviour change, and will promote communal activities for use, in the digital feedback portal of occupational well-being surveys by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. In addition, an article dissertation will be produced in the project.

Our expert

Risto Nikunlaakso

Risto Nikunlaakso

project manager, senior specialist

risto.nikunlaakso [at]
+358 30 474 2505


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health