DigiGain: Potentials of digitalization for small and medium-sized enterprises

The development of technology and digitalization will change the operating models, production processes and work of companies. The DigiGain project will improve the skills of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in using digital information systems. Skilled use of digital systems improves the productivity of companies and the coping and well-being at work of the entire workforce.




The aim of the project is to increase the skills of SME employees in the efficient introduction and use of digital technology. The project encourages companies to network and jointly seek solutions to promote digitalization. In addition, the project promotes the possibility for the staff to participate in the development of practices together with the management.

The development of digitalization in a company can mean, for example,

  • the acquisition and introduction of an ERP system
  • systems integration
  • development of an online store
  • increased social media marketing
  • website modernization
  • use of collaborative platforms (e.g. Teams)
  • use of other similar digital media in the operations of the company.

The project supports the introduction of digital tools: in addition to technical matters, the impacts on operational models, processes, work tasks and expertise must be taken into account. Joint development teaches both the management of digital tools and new ways of working.


Together with the companies involved in the project,

  1. an assessment of the need for developing the introduction of and skills related to digitalization and well-being at work will be carried out,
  2. the management and efficient use of personnel information systems and the development of participatory approaches will be promoted and
  3. network coaching events on the acquisition and introduction of information and communication systems will be arranged.

Results and impact

Through the project, companies receive an assessment of the development needs related to digitalization and well-being at work, a plan for the development of the company's productivity and digital skills and support and training for the introduction of information systems.

The end result of the project will be an information portfolio consisting of concrete measures to improve the productivity, well-being at work and employee participation of SMEs

Join the project!

The DigiGain project will be initiated in the companies according to agreement. The project is accepting companies until spring 2022 in a continuous application process.

The project is active in the areas of South Karelia, Kymenlaakso, Päijät-Häme, Uusimaa and Kanta-Häme.

Benefits for participating companies

  • An assessment of the development needs related to digitalization and well-being at work and expert support in the acquisition, utilization and development of information systems
  • A future vision and plan to develop the digital skills of the personnel in order to increase productivity and improve well-being at work
  • Ways to involve the entire work community in the development of digitalization
  • Online coaching, both digitally and in-person

Benefits for the personnel

  • Support in the development of personal skills
  • Ways to participate in the development of the company and its activities
  • Insight into the development of one’s own work and the company
  • Lessons and experiences of network coaching and personal expertise support

Our experts

Arja Ala-Laurinaho

Arja Ala-Laurinaho

projektipäällikkö, vanhempi asiantuntija

arja.ala-laurinaho [at]
+358 30 474 2516


TTS (Työtehoseura), Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre


European Social Fund