The Kasvetaan yhdessä project – increasing companies’ productivity and well-being at work by developing organizational resilience and adaptability

The project develops the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to change and their joint development skills. In addition, the project promotes internal co-operation within a company as well as networking and co-operation with other organizations.




  • The purpose of the project is to support recovery from the shock caused by the coronavirus pandemic in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Uusimaa region as well as their resilience, ability to change and active continuous development. The aim is to protect productivity, well-being at work and Finnish jobs.
  • The aim of the project is to disseminate operating methods and tools of resilience, adaptability and joint development.

Data and methods

The project provides a coaching path to 20 companies. Each coaching path includes 1–4 workshops. SMEs in the Uusimaa region whose activities have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic can apply. The coaching paths are tailored according to the needs of each company.

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The coaching paths can be related to, for example

  • Developing organizational resilience
  • Utilization of joint development and the development of innovations
  • Development of remote work and co-operation
  • Development of organizational culture and leadership
  • Development of anticipation and preparedness
  • Digitalization of services and service design
  • Development of work processes, client processes, sales and marketing
  • Development of well-being at work and occupational safety

The project is primarily implemented by Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is involved as a co-implementer.

Our experts

Miira Heiniö

Miira Heiniö

miira.heinio [at]
+358 30 474 2948

Mervi Halonen

mervi.halonen [at]
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