Know – Productivity and well-being at work

The objective of the project is to strengthen knowledge-based management of well-being at work, renew the management of well-being at work as part of strategic leadership and adopt productivity analysis as part of management and operations.




The development project is related to the promotion of employment, competence and social inclusion and funded by the “Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014–2020” directed by the Finnish structural funds programme: 

  • Employment and workforce mobility (Axis 3) 
  • Improving productivity and well-being at work (Special objective 7.1) 

The objective of the project is to strengthen knowledge-based management of well-being at work. The project will bring new tools and practices to implement various changes in work life for employees, supervisors and management. Productivity will be examined and measured in a new way, based on theoretical and research-based evidence. 

The project consists of three work packages: 

  1. Strengthening knowledge-based management (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health) 
  2. Integrating well-being at work with strategic leadership (Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority) 
  3. Integrating productivity analysis with management and operations (University of Lapland) 

Strengthening knowledge-based management (work package 1)

The aim is to strengthen knowledge-based management in the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority and to ensure that knowledge results in the development of operations. Another goal is to improve the adaptability of employees and the organization to different changes. 

The end result is a strategic management model for the promotion of well-being at work. The model is also suitable for wider use in social and health care organizations. Experiments promoting well-being at work will be carried out in the project and their results will be compiled into a cookbook-style guide for the use of Finnish work life. 

Our experts


Mervi Halonen

Project manager, specialist

mervi.halonen [at]
+358 30 474 2483


The European Social Fund (ESF)

Partner and project group

The project is managed by the Kai­nuu So­cial Wel­fa­re and Health Ca­re Joint Aut­ho­ri­ty.

  • Project manager anu.hankio [at] (Anu Hankio)
  • Project planner outi.vayrynen [at] (Outi Väyrynen)
  • Project planner teija.eskelinen [at] (Teija Eskelinen)
  • Project secretary saija.hamalainen [at] (Saija Hämäläinen)

Co-operating research partners:

  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • University of Lapland
    • Person in charge hanna.vakkala [at] (Hanna Vakkala)
    • Researcher Marko.Kesti [at] (Marko Kesti)
  • Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
    • Lector sari.pyykkonen [at] (Sari Pyykkönen)

Research group of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Mervi Niemi, Jaana Laitinen, Jouni Sipponen, Kaisa Reuna