Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) lifecycle – occupational safety risks and risk management

The research project examines the lifecycle risk management of lithium-ion batteries at workplaces. Based on the results of the research, good practices to support safety work in the field will be developed.




The aim of the study is to identify occupational safety risks in the value chain of Li-ion batteries and to bring occupational safety assessments alongside life-cycle assessment (LCA).

Based on the information obtained in the study, guidelines and good practices for improving the safety of operators involved in the value chain of Li-ion batteries are produced.

With the help of the information obtained in the study, it is possible to better identify and take into account the risks faced by employees in the Li-ion value chain and preparedness against these risks.

Thanks to international co-operation, the research results can be scaled extensively and used at the EU level.


The study is carried out as a SAF€RA project in co-operation with the Spanish research partner GAIKER. The project involves target companies from different phases of the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries in Finland and Spain.

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Pia Perttula

Pia Perttula

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Finnish Work Environment Fund, SAF€RA and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health