Longer working careers and productivity through work ability support – operational models for multidisciplinary co-operation (TYKYTUO) – Sub-project: Effective operational models and indicators in occupational health co-operation

The aim of the TYKYTUO project is to develop co-operation between specialist medical care, basic health care and occupational health care, as well as between occupational health care and the workplace. Extending working careers and improving productivity requires efficient and impactful co-operation between different healthcare operators as well as between the workplace and occupational health care.




  • This website presents the sub-project of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health designed to develop co-operation between the workplace and occupational health care. 
  • The sub-project provides information on effective occupational health co-operation and builds a generic model for occupational health co-operation. The model includes effective operating models for occupational health co-operation, a work ability management model for workplaces and an information management model for work ability support, as well as a guide for the development of occupational health co-operation. 
  • In addition, the project builds client-oriented occupational health care tools for the internal operations of the occupational health care unit and for co-operation with the client. The aim of the project is to develop future occupational health care so that its activities are based on the needs of the workplaces and support their productivity. 
  • The project is a continuation of the “Vaikuttavuutta työterveysyhteistyöllä – vaikuttavan työterveysyhteistyön indikaattorit ja hyvät käytännöt “ project focused on the indicators and good practices of effective occupational health co-operation. 

Data and methods

  • Improving effective and productive occupational health co-operation; 
  • Producing information on effective occupational health co-operation and work ability management; 
  • Building an operational model for occupational health co-operation, linking the workplace and occupational health care processes. 


  • work ability management model for workplaces; 
  • client-oriented tools for occupational health care; 
  • effective operational models for occupational health co-operation; 
  • a joint development guide for occupational health co-operation; 
  • information management model for work ability support; 
  • indicators for the development and evaluation of effectiveness. 

Our experts

Hanna Hakulinen

Hanna Hakulinen

hanna.hakulinen [at]
+358 30 474 7257
Sanna Pesonen

Sanna Pesonen

sanna.pesonen [at]
+358 30 474 7254


The project is funded by The European Social Fund (ESF) and its coordinator is Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.    The project falls under Axis 3 “Employment and workforce mobility” and its specific objective 7.1 “Improving productivity and well-being at work”.  The project is managed by the University of Tampere and co-operating organizations are Pihlajalinna and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.