Micro-enterprises developing work ability management: a study on work ability management practices

The project produces research data on work ability management practices in companies that employ fewer than 10 people. Good work ability management practices arising from the project can be utilized by all micro-enterprises in the development of their operations.




The project responds to the challenges of maintaining and developing the occupational safety, health and work ability of micro-enterprises. They are caused by the companies’ scarce resources related to knowledge, time and finances.

Micro-enterprises are more typically outside occupational health services than larger companies. In addition, they have poorer access to experts in the development of occupational safety, well-being at work and business activities. The economic importance of micro-enterprises in terms of employment and the provision of local services is high, and the work ability of their employees must be ensured to provide them with appropriate operating conditions.

66 microenterprises from retail, industry, accommodation and catering services are involved in the project. Half of the enterprises participate in the joint development of work ability management and the rest are placed in the control group. The impact of development will be studied in a “before and after” research setting.

The aim of the research project is to produce research data on the practices of work ability management in enterprises employing fewer than 10 people (micro-enterprises) and to fill in the gap related to it. The project develops work ability management practices together with micro-enterprises and assesses their impact on well-being at work and work performance.

The data produced by the project is available to operators supporting the activities, well-being at work and growth of small enterprises. Good work ability management practices and tools resulting from joint development can be used by all micro-enterprises in the development of their activities.

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Susanna Visuri

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Funding and project partners

The project is funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The project is implemented by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Suomen Yrittäjät.