More time for empathy? Technology-based communication and well-being at work in nursing

For what different purposes is technology used in communication between care personnel and clients as well as between the care personnel and loved ones? What kind of expertise and agency is required from care personnel in situations involving technology? And do the personnel have more time for personal interaction and care with the introduction of smart technology? The “Enemmän aikaa empatialle” (More time for empathy) project will also consider what solutions can be developed to improve and evaluate the care personnel’s well-being at work together with the personnel, management and industry leaders.




  • Explore how technology-based communication in nursing affects the care personnel’s well-being at work, changes in work and the relationship between clients and nurses in two different nursing concepts: home care and intensive sheltered housing.
  • Compare the strengths, weaknesses and impacts of the service concept that emphasizes technology and communality on the care personnel’s well-being at work and the possibility of feeling empathy in client relationships.
  • Develop an assessment method and criteria for the management and organizations of nursing work to make the effects on well-being at work related to the service concept visible in addition to the normal work efficiency and productivity effects.


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Eveliina Saari

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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, The Finnish Work Environment Fund, City of Jyväskylä (services for the aged), City of Helsinki (services for the aged), Diakoniasäätiön Foibe sr and Viola-kotiyhdistys ry