New workplace survey practices and policies – DigiTPS

The purpose of the project is to study the digitalization, needs-orientation and usefulness of the occupational health care workplace survey at workplaces, with an emphasis on the use of technology and information management.




The aim of the project is to produce information and develop an operational model and a recommendation for information management, which can be used to develop the workplace survey practices of occupational health care based on workplace needs by utilizing digitalization.

Data and methods

The operational model is developed with the joint development method in pairs consisting of a workplace and occupational health care and with the help of an expert panel. Digitalization enables us to examine working conditions more extensively than before. 

The research methods used are documentary analysis, group interviews, workshops, workplace survey experiments and an expert panel. The data include workplace survey reports, interview and survey data, field notes, audio and image recordings. The implementation of the project will be followed by a steering group of work life experts. 

Results and impact

The new operational model for workplace surveys will better cover the needs of the changed work life and includes a recommendation for improving the efficiency of information management practices. In this way, the benefits of the workplace survey are focused on the work ability and health of all employees, which is important for the efficiency and productivity of work in the workplace.

Our experts

Kirsi Lappalainen

Kirsi Lappalainen

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Project group

Kirsi Lappalainen, Sari Nissinen, Soile Seppänen, Elina Östring, Johanna Välimäki


The Finnish Work Environment Fund