Occupational safety learning and management in platform work – TOPPA

Platform work is an example of the digital organisation of work, the significance of which is growing both in Europe and globally. The digital nature and algorithmic management of the platforms used in platform work present both challenges and opportunities for occupational safety. In this project, we will study occupational safety learning and the development thereof in temporary agency and platform work, especially in the context of warehouse work and food delivery activities.
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At present, the proactive learning and management of occupational safety is relatively poorly understood in the context of shared workplaces and employee sharing.

The project aims to:

  1. provide information on the learning of occupational safety and associated challenges in platform work
  2. map solutions for developing occupational safety learning in platform work
  3. examine what the EU’s proposed directive for improving working conditions in platform work means for companies and the occupational safety of employees
  4. investigate occupational safety risks related to platform work and algorithmic management in Finland. 

Data and methods

We will be carrying out the project in collaboration with a commercial recruitment agency and one of its clients, a warehouse company. The state, challenges and development opportunities of occupational safety learning will be examined through interviews with the company’s own and platform employees and through documents.

Based on the results, the project will organise a development workshop with the companies, which will involve assessing the developed solutions and planning development measures together. Similar issues in food delivery activities will be examined with the help of data collected in the Fair work on platforms (REITA) project

In collaboration with the European SAF€RA consortium, we will compile information on legislation, the occupational safety risks of platform work, algorithmic means of improving occupational safety and occupational safety learning. 

Results and impact

The learning of occupational safety in platform work has hardly been studied in the past. Now, we are collaborating with the SAF€RA consortium to produce information on how platform work and algorithmic management are connected to occupational safety and its development. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will be focusing on learning related to occupational safety and its challenges and development potential in platform-based local work.

We will be publishing a book on the results of the study together with the international research team. The results will also be presented at scientific conferences and in popular and scientific publications.

Our experts

Henkilökuva Laura Seppänen

Laura Seppänen

laura.seppanen [at]
+358 30 474 2518

Research team

Pia Perttula, chief researcher

Riikka Ruotsala, senior specialist


The project is carried out in cooperation with Bolt Works Oy and Suomen Kaukokiito Oy.

The project is part of the European SAF€RA consortium. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health represents Finland in the consortium. The other project partners are the Netherlands (coordinator TNO), Spain (Basque Country, PESI) and Norway (NSR). 


The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.