Pandemics and risk management

In the Pandemics and risk management (Paras) project, we will study and assess the lessons learned and experiences of workplaces related to the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic on occupational safety management. We will compile tools and best practices that allow workplaces to be prepared for the risks posed by biological agents. Managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has been challenging for both workplaces and their support organizations. A risk assessment of biological agents was carried out for the first time in many workplaces.
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In the Paras project, we will examine 

  • where workplaces received support for their risk management solutions 
  • how the already existing risk management processes of the organizations helped in the new circumstances to assess the risks of coronavirus and managing measures 
  • how well the workplaces were able to implement the guidelines and orders received from the state administration, authorities and expert institutes. 

Data and methods

Six workplaces from different sectors will participate in the project. With them, we will determine what information is needed and utilized in risk assessment and management during an epidemic. Essential safety documents are also collected from the workplaces for analysis. 

In addition, we will conduct a survey in hundreds of other workplaces. We will use the survey to assess the availability and use of information related to the coronavirus epidemic. 

The project will also identify the parties where workplaces have applied for and received support. Guidance from the Government, authorities and expert organizations is modelled on a timeline that includes the measures taken by the workplaces. 

The overall timeline is used to assess the success and timeliness of public guidance. 

Results and impact

Our aim is to compile tools and best practices that allow workplaces to be prepared for the assessment and management of risks posed by biological agents. 

Our experts

Tiina-Mari Monni

Tiina-Mari Monni

project manager, product manager

tiina-mari.monni [at]
+358 30 474 2065
Pia Perttula

Pia Perttula

senior researcher

pia.perttula [at]
+358 30 474 2684


The Finnish Work Environment Fund and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health