Prognosis of Work-Related Asthma – TASTE

In the TASTE project, we will analyze the work ability of patients with work-related asthma, their careers and factors that predict these. The study is based on material from approximately a thousand patients examined by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) over the course of 11 years.

With a follow-up survey, we will assess the risks connected to different types of exposure, vocations, and employees. Identifying those employees with asthma whose prognosis is poor allows preventative measures to be targeted at them at workplaces and in occupational health care.
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  • We will assess the severity of asthma amongst patients with work-related asthma, as well as the patients’ ability to work, their careers and factors that predict these
  • We will also study the effects of occupational rehabilitation on patients’ prognosis
  • Furthermore, we will compare individuals with occupational asthma and work exacerbated asthma

Data and methods

The research material consists of the information in Finnish Institute of Occupational Health´s patient register on approximately a thousand individuals who have been examined for occupational asthma. The follow-up survey will be sent to those who have been diagnosed with occupational asthma or work exacerbated asthma.

Results and impact

Based on the information gained through the study, we will identify risks connected to vocations, employees and various types of exposure that may affect the prognosis of people suffering from asthma.

The information can be used when considering medical care, rehabilitation, and other support measures to reduce the negative effects of the illness. Furthermore, the research information can be used to assess and enhance professional rehabilitation and target preventative actions in the key sectors.

Our experts

Henkilökuva Hille Suojalehto

Hille Suojalehto

hille.suojalehto [at]
+358 30 474 2545

Research group

Irmeli Lindström, chief physician


The Finnish Work Environment Fund and Finance Finland, the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center and the Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre funding