Supporting work ability and mental health at work: Assessment of the operational model for early identification and action

Sickness absences related to mental health disorders have increased in the municipal sector, especially among younger employees and in female-dominated work. The “Tunnistan ajoissa, toimin aktiivisesti” operational model for early identification and action aims to find new means of supporting mental health at workplaces. In this study, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health carries out an evaluation study of the operational model.
Mies ja nainen leikkivät kolmen lapsen kanssa.




The aim of the model is to increase the ability of supervisors and work communities to support mental health at work, to address mental health problems and to find solutions in the workplace. One of the solutions is to develop an operational model for job modification in connection with mental health disorders. 

This study aims to: 

  • Investigate the background and development of the increasing mental health-related sickness absences among young employees in female-dominated work in the municipal sector. 
  • Evaluate the “Tunnistan ajoissa, toimin aktiivisesti” operational model and the factors that promote or hinder its functionality. 

The study is a multi-method evaluation study. 

Our experts

Henkilökuva Pauliina Mattila-​Holappa

Pauliina Mattila-Holappa

Project manager, senior specialist

pauliina.mattila-holappa [at]
+358 30 474 2743

Research group

Pauliina Mattila-Holappa, Pirjo Juvonen-Posti, Maarit Kauppi, Jenni Ervasti, Ari Väänänen, Elisa Valtanen, Ville Aalto


The Finnish Work Environment Fund and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.