System intelligent human factors in promoting safety in the chemical industry (CHEF)

The project will create knowhow for proactive safety management in the chemical industry.
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The chemical industry is a typical complex sociotechnical system, in which humans, technology and organizations are constantly intertwined.

Proactive safety management requires understanding of and competence to facilitate resilient performance. Concrete applications to realize this are lacking. This project will create new knowledge and practices for this need, combining two theoretical perspectives:

  • systemic human factors approach (HF) and
  • system intelligence (SI).

Data and methods

The research combines Human Factors in safety  as well as System intelligence views (Saarinen & Hämäläinen, 2007). In the previous studies Human factors approach using the HF Tool™ (Teperi, 2012) has been proved to be efficient and practical method for improving safety thinking and procedures. However, HF Tool™ has not yet been used or researched in the chemical industry nor combined with other lines of research such as system intelligence. We will review and improve the current model in this research project.

As research methods we will be using interviews, questionnaires, workshops, and document analysis. Based on the collected data models and practical tools for preventive and systemic safety management will be developed.

Research information letter and privacy notice

Results and impact

Project findings will be shared extensively for chemical industry use trough different stakeholders.

Ask about the project

Anna-Maria Teperi

Anna-Maria Teperi

Project manager, research professor

anna-maria.teperi [at]
+358 30 474 2371

Research group

  • Anna-Maria Teperi, research professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH)
  • Riikka Ruotsala, specialist researcher, FIOH

  • Mikko Halinen, specialist researcher, FIOH

  • Riitta Juvonen, specialist researcher, Riscon

  • Pekka Oinas, professor, Aalto university

  • Golam Sarwar, senior lecturer, Aalto university

  • Esa Saarinen, professor emeritus, Aalto university

Participating organizations

Neste, Kraton Chemical, Teknikum, Tikkurila PPGThe Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, Industrial Union, Trade Union Pro, The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)


The Finnish Work Environment Fund