Towards a successful career

The aim of the “Towards a successful career” project is to support the professional development and well-being at work of young employees. During the project, we will develop resource-oriented methods to support the careers of young employees at workplaces and study their effectiveness.




The project aims to

  • develop a resource-oriented online coaching programme to support young employees at workplaces
  • distribute a new type of online coaching to Finnish workplaces
  • examine the impact of coaching on the resources, work life skills and well-being at work of young employees and their settlement at work.

Data and methods

In the first phase of the study we collected data on the work experiences of young people and the development needs at workplaces. We interviewed young employees and their supervisors. We also implemented an online survey on young employees in various fields. We used this information to develop an online course to support the competence and wellbeing of young employees.

Since spring 2021, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has implemented online courses for young employees and training for supervisors in partner companies. The impact of these efforts has been tested by using a randomized field trial.

We will be publishing research results on the impact of the training as well as a training method for young employees developed for use at workplaces in spring 2023. We will also publish free-of-charge training materials for supervisors. Please contact project manager Mikko Nykänen for further information on the project. You'll find his contact details below.

Results and impact

The project results in research-based methods that can be used to support young employees. The information generated in the study can be used to strengthen and support the competence and well-being at work of young employees as well as to develop supervisory work.

Our experts

Project partners

The main implementer of the project is the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the workplaces. The cooperation network includes the City of Helsinki, City of Espoo, Tokmanni, Med Group Oy, Broman Group Oy, S-ryhmä, AFRY, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, S-pankki, Fujitsu Finland and SOL. We are also inviting new companies to join us.


Finnish Work Environment Fund, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and workplaces