Well-being at work and competence in the service sectors

Changes accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic challenge well-being at work, competence and productivity in the service sector as well as their promotion through the means of work ability management. The study will be used to update the situation analysis of work in the service sectors and the related well-being at work, competence and professionalism in the 2020s.
Palvelualan kassatyötä tekevä nainen maski kasvoilla




  1. We will increase research data on the impact of changes in the service sectors in terms of well-being at work, competence and work performance. 
  2. We are complementing research on the professionalism of the service sector in the operating environment changed by the COVID-19 epidemic. 
  3. We will examine the link between work ability management and employees' well-being at work, competence and work performance in two real estate service companies and in two restaurants. 
  4. We will produce material to support great work ability management, reformation of operations and preparation for changes in the real estate services, accommodation and restaurant service sectors. 
  5. We will also publish a written review of competence and well-being at work in the service sectors, including tourism and catering, real estate services, retail and security. 

The research subjects include employees in tourism and catering, real estate services, retail and security, as well as four companies with employees in real estate services, tourism and catering.

Funding and partners

The Finnish Work Environment Fund, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Service Union United PAM, The Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, The Real Estate Employers (Kiinteistötyönantajat ry), Compass Group Finland Oy, N-Clean Oy, Restel Liikenneasemat Oy and RTK-Palvelu Oy.

Our experts

Sara Lindström

Sara Lindström

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