Well-being at Work of Dentists in Finland: a 20-Year Longitudinal Study

This research project studies the working conditions, leadership, proactive actions, health and well-being of Finnish dentists. Furthermore, the study examines the links between these elements in terms of past and present changes in the work of dentists. Moreover, the study follows how these aspects have changed during the 21st century.
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Oral health care has undergone several legislative changes in the 21st century that have impacted the dentists’ everyday work by making it significantly more demanding. For example, burnout symptoms amongst public sector health-care centre dentists have been higher than amongst general working population. On the other hand, research has identified various beneficial work resources amongst dentists.

The aim of this study is to analyse the current state and trends of several elements, such as

  • working conditions (work demands and work resources)
  • well-being at work (work engagement, work satisfaction and burnout)
  • experiences with changes at work
  • health
  • work ability
  • retirement intentions
  • combining work and family life

By assessing how work promotes well-being, the study provides information about how work life can change in a sustainable manner and how to promote work resources in oral health care.

Materials and techniques

A sixth dentist survey will be carried out in 2023. The previous ones took place in 2003, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2019.

In addition to assessing the working conditions and current state of well-being at work amongst dentists, the longitudinal study analyses how and why these aspects have changed during the 21st century.

Results and effectiveness

The findings will be reported in publications and at national events for dentists, as well as in national and international scientific publications. By this, the results of this study will be used to promote the quality of working life in general.

Our experts

Sara Lindström

Sara Lindström

Sara.Lindstrom [at]
+358 30 474 2404

Research group

Jari Hakanen, research professor

Janne Kaltiainen, specialist researcher 

The study is carried out in collaboration with the Finnish Dental Association.

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Research findings and information gained from the 2014 and 2019 surveys: