What if the well-being of the mind was to be rebuilt? A qualitative study of young working adults to develop operational models

The mental health challenges faced by young employees have increased. The phenomenon can be seen as sickness absences, demand for occupational health care services due to mental health reasons and as a broad public concern. In this study, we aim to identify groups of young employees with different well-being and operating strategies as well as development paths that lead to seeking support from occupational health care services. In addition, we aim to analyse and renew the work-related field of mental health in a new way and to find non-medical solutions to support the mental well-being of young people.
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This study aims to

  • Examine how young employees describe mental health problems and what explanatory models they give them
  • Describe the solutions and coping strategies that young employees, the occupational health care professionals attending to them and the young employees’ supervisors use to manage mental health issues
  • Develop new operational models to support the mental health of young employees
  • Create a new theoretical framework in the field of well-being at work and mental health in order to help to understand the background of psychological vulnerability more systematically.

More than 70 research interviews are carried out in the project. While the project is a multidisciplinary academic research, it also aims to renew Finnish practices related to mental health and to structure work ability, well-being at work and related operational models in a new way.

Project partners

Occupational Health Helsinki

City of Espoo Occupational Health Services

Scientific partners


University of Helsinki

Finnish Youth Research Network

University of Toronto

University of Kent


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health