Why Come to the Office? Opportunities and Challenges of Self-guided Hybrid Work project

The project produces new information for work organizations and scientific discussion on the good practices, opportunities and risks of hybrid work that combines local and remote work, and ways to counter said risks.
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The increase in remote work during the coronavirus pandemic was a significant digital turning point in the labour market. There is no going back. Based on experiences during the pandemic, there is a dire need to find optimal ways of working for each work organisation and different people. The project aims to:

  • produce statistically representative information on Finnish work organisations’ and workers’ experiences with remote work during the pandemic from the perspective of management and employees alike
  • help work organisations identify good practices and potential risks of self-guided hybrid work, as well as ways to counter said risks
  • help work organisations develop their business premises in a manner that brings the greatest added value to on-site working
  • produce information on self-guided remote and hybrid work as a way to develop employees’ digital agency

Data and methods

  • A statistical analysis based on employer and employee survey materials that cover Finland’s 10+ businesses and public entities    
  • Interviews with employees carrying out self-guided hybrid work and their supervisors in five work organizations
  • An analysis of the business premises of five work organizations implementing self-guided hybrid work
  • Development of good practices in self-guided hybrid work as workshop work

Results and impact

The project will provide a better knowledge base regarding good practices, opportunities and risks of self-guided hybrid work, as well as ways to counter said risks.

The results of the project will be communicated during the project, with emphasis on the year 2024.

Our experts

Henkilökuva Tuomo Alasoini

Tuomo Alasoini

tuomo.alasoini [at]
+358 30 474 2577

Research group

Suvi Hirvonen, senior specialist

Hilpi Kangas, specialist researcher

Marja Känsälä, specialist researcher

Kirsikka Selander, specialist researcher

Laura Seppänen, head of research


The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Elisa Oyj, the City of Naantali, the City of Järvenpää, Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö, Futurice Oy, Nitor Group Oy