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Accepting work through digital platforms has become an established practice in the Finnish labour market in recent years. At the same time, health care and social welfare services for older people have experienced labour shortage. Digital platforms could be more broadly utilised to provide new types of on-demand work and to reach potential employees.

Together with services for older people, we are now looking for and designing work tasks that could help reshape the division of tasks in the sector and encourage new employee groups to work and study in the field. We are also supporting local collaboration between actors of multisectoral employment, support, and competence service networks as well as advancing the utilisation of digital platforms in reaching potential employees.
Kaksi eri-ikäistä aikuista katsovat yhdessä ikkunasta ulos.


10/2023 –9/2025


The aim of the project is to increase the availability of labour in services for older people as well as improve employment opportunities. The project activities aim to promote low-threshold on-demand work that would enable employees to get to know the work and encourage them to apply to study programmes. 

Our objectives:

  1. Create an operating model and recommendations for the use of digital platforms to support responsible resourcing of short-term and longer-term tasks. 
  2. Promote collaboration between multisectoral employment, support, and competence service networks to help bring together workers and work.
  3. Identify, design, and tailor new work tasks that are tested in practice. This will produce new customer-oriented resource thinking and know-how for organisations providing services for older people. Equality and non-discrimination are taken into account in the design and testing of the tasks, and there are clear instructions to support the work tasks.
  4. Promote the reputation and attractiveness of employment and education related to services for older people.

Data and methods

  1. We are looking for solutions that will help reform work tasks. 
    • For example, by dividing or tailoring the work tasks in services for older people to suit different groups of workers and different employment relationships.
  2. We develop ways in which organisations providing health care and social welfare services for older people and workers interested in the work can find each other easier.
    • Particular attention is paid to people with partial work ability, young people, immigrants, and people that are interested in on-demand work due to their situation in life and could therefore benefit from more flexible work opportunities.
  3. We are testing the use of a digital platform in bringing together work tasks and suitable workers.

The project will be implemented in six units of 24-hour care or supported accommodation for older people. The multisectoral support networks of the project are located in three regions: 

  • Lohja-Vihti
  • Central Uusimaa and 
  • Helsinki

Results and impact

  1. We are developing responsible, equal, and non-discriminating ways of utilising digital employment service platforms in the resourcing of services for older people. 
  2. We help identify various needs for labour in services for older people at both local and national levels. 
  3. We aim to improve the attractiveness of the health care and social welfare sector and encourage people to apply to related study programmes. 

Our experts

Henkilökuva Laura Seppänen

Laura Seppänen

laura.seppanen [at]
+358 30 474 2518

Research group

Inka Koskela, researcher

Sari Käpykangas, specialist researcher

Vilja Levonius, researcher

Maria Paavolainen, researcher

Talvikki Susiluoma, communication specialist

Elina Weiste, lead researcher


The project is jointly carried out by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Helsinki.

Additionally, the project involves units of elderly care service organizations and employment support organizations.

  • Attendo Ventelä, Lohja
  • Helsingin Seniorisäätiö
  • Mäntsälän Kotokartano
  • Kaarikeskussäätiö
  • Tuusulan Riihikoto
  • Wilhelmiina Palvelut Oy

Names will be updated on this page during the project.