Testing of personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment sold in EU must be CE marked and comply with the requirements of the PPE Regulation.

We offer accredited testing services of personal protective equipment. Our independent and competent service focuses on the testing of personal protective equipment in extreme conditions. The competence of our laboratory covers the testing of cold-weather clothing, gloves, and materials, as well as protective equipment used on water.

New accredited services

Our range of services has expanded.  We now offer an accredited contact cold test of protective gloves against cold.

Testing services during the summer

Our testing service is closed during July due to the summer holidays.

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Your protective equipment can be granted a CE marking based on our testing

Personal protective equipment sold in EU must be CE marked and comply with the requirements of the (EU) Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment (EU) 2016/425.

  • The manufacturer or importer must carry out tests and type examinations of products imported to Finland or the European Economic Area (EEA) market if they belong to risk category II or III according to the PPE Regulation.
  • In addition, the manufacturer shall draw up an EU declaration of conformity for all personal protective equipment.

We carry out tests on personal protective equipment under extreme conditions. The FINAS accreditation service has certified our testing laboratory (T013) in accordance with the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Our clients especially appreciate our comprehensive expertise, high-quality testing laboratory, and quick response times.

Our test results and reports are valid results and technical documents required for the EU type examination of protective equipment.

Do you need thermal insulation measurements to support product development?

We also carry out thermal insulation measurements of footwear, headgear, and face covers, as well as sleeping bags, in our testing laboratory. These are not accredited tests, but they provide valuable additional information for product development and research.

Our testing laboratories are unique and suitable for various uses

Located in Oulu, our unique laboratories give you control of the testing conditions in a wide range of temperatures, with the inclusion of wind (0–18 m/s), water, and humidity. That is why they can be used for many different purposes.

The laboratory is suitable for physiological, medical, and technological research and development purposes. The laboratory’s own versatile research equipment enables studying human thermal balance and the impact of physical stress on work ability in cold and hot environments, as well as in water exposure.

You can also rent our premises for larger projects. Even then, our personnel will take care of the use of the measurement  devices.

Our accredited testing services

Find out more about our curent FINAS-accredited qualification area:

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