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Virtuario™ – Occupational Safety Training in Virtual Reality

Virtuario™ is an immersive virtual reality (VR) learning environment that helps you to develop your organization's occupational safety culture with engaging and participatory training designed for employees. The immersive learning environment of Virtuario™ helps to cultivate a culture of safety by offering engaging and interactive training experiences.

Please contact us for further information, or for a limited test use period.

Make Virtuario™ a part of your company's occupational safety culture!

The Virtuario™ learning environment is available through a subscription service. You will get access to a constantly evolving and expanding library of virtual training content.

Mies virtuaalilasien kanssa ja näkymä rakennustyömaasta laseilla katsottuna.


The content is designed in collaboration with customers as well as occupational safety and pedagogy experts, and updates are regularly added to the Virtuario™ training library.  If you have a training need not already covered in the Virtuario™ library, we are happy to work with you in developing it⁠ — please contact us!

Virtuario™ content is available in Finnish and English by default and can be translated to support other languages. Virtuario™ learning is suitable for employees, supervisors, subcontractors and partner employees, trainees and students interested in enhancing and testing their own occupational safety skills. The content is accessible and enables training even when accessing a real work environment may be limited.

Virtuario™ gamifies safety learning, making the experience fun and engaging, and ensures that learners remember and retain the skills and know-how they have learned. To train with Virtuario™, you need a 4 × 4 m unobstructed space where the training is carried out — moving in the virtual world works just like in the real environment: you can walk around, explore the environments naturally, and reach on top of a virtual cabinet or crouch to check under a truck.

Nainen virtuaalilasit päässä ja näkymä toimistosta laseilla katsottuna.

Virtuario™ is a proven and effective solution for learning

Virtuario™ is based on knowledge gained from research projects conducted at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on learning in virtual reality. Virtuario™ provides an effective way for practicing occupational safety in a self-directed manner in an immersive virtual environment.

In the MoSaC research project, we studied VR occupational safety learning in construction environments together with eight companies in the industry from 2018 to 2020. The project showed that VR learning can be much more effective than lecture-based learning, and it activates and motivates participants toward actively developing occupational safety and work culture.

In the SLIVeR research project, we delve deeper into the pedagogy of VR learning, the design of VR exercises, and the transfer effects of learning to occupational safety activities in the workplace from 2021 to 2023.

With Virtuario™, you can take the next step in creating a safe work environment and ensure that your employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to minimize risk and prevent accidents.

Virtuario™ content

Virtuario oman työn johtaminen
Learn about self-leadership in an experiential environment.
Virtuario tietoturva ikoni
Information Security
Learn to recognize information risks and data protection in a typical office environment.
Virtuario turvallisuushavainnointi ikoni
Safety Observations
Practice making safety observations in three different work environments.
Virtuario työyhteisötaidot ikoni
Team Working Skills
Learn how to settle challenges in a work community.
Virtuario ensiaputilanteita ikoni
First Aid Practice
Learn how to react and perform in common first aid situations.
Virtuario työstä palautuminen ikoni
Work Recovery
Get acquainted with stressors in working life, and learn about means for recovering from stress by solving puzzles in an experiential environment.
Virtuario uhkaava asiakastilanne ikoni
Threatening Customer Encounter
Learn how to act in a threatening customer encounter.
Virtuario ergonomia ikoni
Learn to identify typical risk factors in ergonomics when working at home and in a café.
Virtuario keittiöhygienia ikoni
Kitchen Hygiene
Practice safe and hygienic work in a kitchen.
Virtuario sirkkelin turvallinen käyttö ikoni
Working with Circular Saw
Learn the safety basics of operating a circular saw and familiarize yourself with work safety culture.
Virtuario palo- ja pelastusturvallisuus
Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures
Learn to identify and check fire safety and first aid equipment, and train your skills in a fire emergency.
Virtuario laboratorioturvallisuus ikoni
Laboratory Safety
Learn about general safety and personal protection in chemical laboratory environments.
Virtuario nosto hallissa ikoni
Lift Work at a Production Plant
Practice safe lifting.
Virtuario turvalliset nostot työmaalla ikoni
Heavy Lifts at a Construction Site
Practice the safety procedures in heavy lifting operations and familiarize yourself with work safety culture.
Virtuario liikenteen keskellä työskentely ikoni
Working in Traffic
Learn how to work safely in traffic.
Virtuario ensimmäinen päivä työmaalla ikoni
First Day at a Construction Site
Prepare for your first day at a worksite.
Virtuario kemikaaliturvallisuus ikoni
Chemical Safety
Handle a pipeline failure at a factory site.
Virtuario läpivalaisuturvallisuus ikoni
X-ray Screening Safety
Learn to keep an eye on safety in passenger travel surveillance and x-ray screening.
Virtuario kaivantoturvallisuus ikoni
Excavation Safety
Learn how to pay attention to and ensure occupational safety at a street excavation worksite.
Virtuario varikkoturvallisuus ikoni
Safety at a Tram Depot
Practice safe work at a tram yard worksite.
Virtuario tarpeisiisi tehty sisältö ikoni
Custom-made content
Need a custom-made occupational safety or wellbeing Virtuario™ module? Contact us!


Virtuario - Asiakkaita


Equinor has had the pleasure of working with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL) since the summer of 2020. In the middle of Covid, TTL developed virtual reality training to improve our HSE performance. The products has created a great enthusiasm and a firm belief that this is one of the tools for the future. Cooperating with TTL is a great pleasure and we look forward to explore further opportunities for cooperation forward.
Kristian Gould, specialist in HMI and Ole Preben Berget, project Manager
Our goal with Virtuario™ is for every construction worker to complete virtual safety training at our facility before going to the job site.
Tuija Ivalo, Adecco/Sihti

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