Human Factors in Safety – HF Tool

Human Factors (HF) provide an advanced approach to understanding the overall perspective, as well as practical models and tools for developing the management of human factors.

The perspective of human factors also helps to identify successes and things that work well. It can promote talking more openly about the factors that affect safety at the workplace – without blaming anyone.
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Human factors are part of modern safety management

The HF Tool™ helps understand human activities and identify the underlying factors in both deviations and successes.

The HF Tool™ helps you observe and anticipate the human factors that affect your work. This makes them easier to highlight and take into account in contexts such as the investigation of deviations and accidents, as well as in the overall development of operations.

The HF Tool™ and our service are based on completed and currently ongoing research and development projects in several sectors.

The HF Tool™ has been developed with the aim of promoting safety, but it is also suitable for developing work and an organization’s operations.

This is how we help to develop the safety culture at workplaces

Our expert services provide support for the development of human factor management.

  • Human Factors in Safety basic training

    The participants are provided with basic information on the overall perspective of human factors, and practise identifying them in deviation investigations.
  • Advanced workshops on human factor management

    These workshops, led by our experts, are aimed at evaluating and developing organizational practices and tools, as well as fostering progress in the managing human factors.
  • Human factor training for experts and instructors

    These events are aimed at training an organization's internal HF experts and trainers, as well as producing tailored training materials.
  • Human factor management development programme

    This extensive service package comprises development of an organization’s competence and operating models related to human factors.

Read more and see our guides

The Human Activity in Safety and Human Factors page enables you to explore the topic in more detail. The page also includes guides on the topic.

Learn more about the impact of human activity on safety (in Finnish)


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