FIOH to be in charge of co-ordinating European occupational safety and health network in Finland

As of 1.1.2020, Finland’s National Focal Point of EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, is to be managed by FIOH (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health). The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health was previously responsible for the centre.

Media release by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Press release 1/2020

 The National Focal Point supports EU-OSHA’s activities and promotes occupational health, occupational safety and productivity in Europe through, for example, Healthy Work campaigns and various competitions.

Examples of campaign themes have been stress, noise and, most recently, chemical factors, during the different stages of work life.

The tasks of the co-ordination centre include implementing other EU-OSHA assignments. These tasks involve data collection and the communication of information between Finland and the Agency on the status of occupational safety and health and on good practices.

Tripartite steering group as cornerstone of activities

The cornerstone of the activities of the Agency, located in Bilbao, Spain and the Focal points of different countries is its tripartite structure. The Finnish Focal point's steering group consists of representatives of employers, employee organizations and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. FIOH leads the steering group.

“FIOH accepts the tasks of the co-ordination group with pleasure. They enable us use our expertise to even better support Finnish workplaces, at the same time increasing our influence and visibility on the European level,” says Antti Koivula, Director General of FIOH.

The Ministry for Social Affairs and Health will continue to handle Finland’s strategic stance on occupational safety- and health-related matters and co-operation in the EU-OSHA’s management board. The management board defines the Agency’s strategy and goals.

Taina Pääkkönen, Head of Development at FIOH, will be responsible for the activities of the Focal point and will report to Kirsi Ahola, Director.

For further information, please contact:

Kirsi Ahola, Director, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, tel. 040 561 5692, kirsi.ahola[at]
Taina Pääkkönen, Head of Development, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, tel. 046 850 5075, taina.paakkonen[at]
Liisa Hakala, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health , tel. 029 5163566, liisa.hakala[at]

The Web

You can currently find the most information on the 2020–2022 campaign on EU-OSHA’s Future Campaigns pages.

The 2018–2019  Terveellinen työ -kampanjasivusto pages will be removed during the spring of 2020. The campaign’s Finnish pages will be transferred to the website of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health ( during the spring.

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