Become an expert in occupational safety and health

Do you work as an occupational safety officer, representative, committee member, or supervisor? Or are you interested in matters related to occupational safety? The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health offers training to support you on your way to becoming an occupational safety expert!

The Occupational Safety and Health Act defines principles for the management of occupational safety and for co-operation in the workplace, but also gives freedom in implementing practices. Our training courses can help you make occupational safety sensible and appropriate. We will cover issues such as the objectives of occupational safety, the role and responsibilities of the parties involved, and co-operation and how it is organized, as well as examples of good practices. 

Occupational safety and health training at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health will provide you with  

  • an overall view of occupational safety and health in order to get the situation under control  
  • up-to-date information to ensure the development of occupational safety and health   
  • peer support and a network for sharing experiences and good practices  
  • advice from our experts and practical examples for the development of occupational safety and health competence. 

We offer training for people who have just started working in occupational safety, as well as those with plenty of experience in the area. Choose the right course for you along the competence path and sign up!  

One of the greatest strengths that distinguishes our training courses from others is the expertise of our trainers. We are also often thanked for this by our clients.
Mika Liuhamo, product manager

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