Module 4: Technology transforming care

Summary of this module. Keywords: human-centred technology; ethics; empower, facilitating technology; change of carework, digital agency
Table of contents


The purpose of the module is to enhance capabilities of the caregivers to implement welfare technology to care work in an ethical and human-centered way, thus in such a way that the elderly persons may also be able to choose what kind of technology is used in their care. The idea is to be able to experiment the welfare technology, evaluate its impact to work of caregivers, elderly people and their relationship.

Human agency refers to being able to influence and make intentional decisions as human beings. It is important in this module for avoiding technology-determinism and enhance human agency, when welfare technology is implemented to the living conditions of vulnerable people.

Purpose and goals

Contents and descriptions

Timing: 15-20 hours
Tools: Computer-aided learning devices, big screen, computer, network etc.
Spaces: Common room for discussions, online working possibility.

Example of a technology course

Two workshop:s Technology changes care

Program of the first day:

9.00 Introduction to the topic of the day
9.15 Presentation: Why is technology needed in services for older people?
9.50 Break
10.00 Future work skills
10.30 Social media in the work of care workers
10.45 Discussion
11.00 Briefing on welfare technology and information security
11.30 Lunch
12.00 Welfare Technology Fair, students guiding elderly participants
14.15 Discussion on the fair. What devices do you want to present to older people?
Intermediate task assignment



Program of the second day:

9.00 Opening,
Discussion on the ethics of using technology through an interim task
9.30 Older people as technology users - concerns or opportunities for a good life, digital agency, digital exclusion & emotions
9.50 Care workers as enablers of technology use
10.10 Break
10.20 Principles of good guidance
11.00 Introduction to selected devices
11.30 Lunch
12.00 Introduction to the chosen equipment and practice of steering
12.30 Guidance of residents in the use of the equipment; elderly people involved
13.45 Evaluation of guidance
14.20 Closing