Off we go! Health at workplaces

Promoting health at workplaces fosters employees’ work ability, their recovery from work, and their everyday work activity. Our aim is that means to promote health are executed on every finnish workplace every single day. Off we go - Health at workplaces -guidelines are based on scientific reviews and expert knowledge.

Health promotion methods are different in different workplaces, because the demands of the work and their effects on health vary. Taking care of oneself is part of one’s professional skills. In these guidelines we mean by health the entity of physical, psychological, cognitive and social wellbeing.

Guidelines for promoting health at the workplace

Health promotion plan

The guidelines have been drawn up in co-operation with a group of work life influencers.

Off we go! – The Health at workplaces guidelines for promoting health at the workplace are produced by the Evidence-based Health Promotion consortium project, Promo@work (2016–2019). This project was funded by the Strategic Research Council, which operates in conjunction with the Academy of Finland.


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