Abilitator assesses work ability and functioning -coordination project (Solmu)

The Abilitator self-assessment method for work ability and functional capacity was developed in the Solmu coordination project, specifically intended for the work ability and functional capacity self-assessment of working-age individuals who are currently not working. Solmu is one of the coordination projects of the “Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014–2020” directed by the Finnish structural funds programme.
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Our goal is to make work with clients easier by using the Abilitator. The Abilitator can be used to support the timely guidance of clients to the appropriate services and the transition towards work life or another goal.  The Abilitator also offers decision-makers information about the target group and the changes taking place in it.

The Abilitator was originally developed for projects under Axis 5 of the European Social Fund (ESF), but has also been widely used by other operators. In the years 2020–2023, the Solmu project focused particularly on ensuring that the Abilitator is firmly integrated in the national digital service system. 

In addition to the work on the development of the Abilitator, Solmu supported ESF projects in the use of the Abilitator and increased public awareness of work ability and functional capacity.

Our experts

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Mari Haverinen

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Miia Wikström

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Ministry of Social Affairs and Health from the European Social Fund (ESF).