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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the environment in which many companies operate. In such a situation, how can the ability of companies to change and the well-being at work of entrepreneurs and employees be ensured? By developing both work and well-being at work at the same time. We offer concrete ways of working that provide quick results for these development efforts.
Ketterät ja hyvinvoivat yritykset -hanke




  1. To develop work and well-being at work in companies simultaneously, improving effectiveness and making the measures part of the companies' operations.
  2. To support entrepreneurs' recovery from work, work ability and well-being at work where the coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty increase work-related stress.
  3. To promote the competence of companies in identifying the need for changes in business operations in the rapidly changing operating environment.
  4. To strengthen the ability of companies to change.

Target group

  • Tourism and catering, personal services in the service industry and social and health services, including rehabilitation and well-being services
  • Self-employed persons, micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs and their staff
  • North Ostrobothnia


The measures to be implemented in the project will directly target businesses, entrepreneurs and employees.

There is experience and good feedback from entrepreneurs from previous projects. They are concrete and rapidly implementable measures.

  1. The change dialogue method (in Finnish), which is used to create a vision of the near future, identify the company's change and competence needs and agree on development experiments
  2. Training to strengthen the ability to change and well-being at work
  3. Firstbeat well-being analyses of entrepreneurs and employees to measure recovery from work and workshops related to well-being at work

The topics of training sessions organized during the project will be specified according to the entrepreneurs' own ideas and wishes.

Results and impact

  • Companies participating in the project are better equipped to adapt to changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Companies have identified opportunities for new business activities and needs for competence development.
  • Entrepreneurs and employees of companies have new capabilities to take care of their well-being at work, recovery from work and their work ability – even in times of crisis and change.
  • The practical and rapid measures of the project can continue to be used independently by companies even after the project, which will strengthen the companies' ability to change and agility permanently.

Our experts

Eveliina Korkiakangas

projektipäällikkö, erikoistutkija

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