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The social welfare and health care sector is in the middle of a transition to shared workspaces, on which insufficient research data is currently available. This study involves determining the usability of shared premises and operating concepts and their impacts on work and occupational wellbeing.
The study will also produce new information on factors that promote successful changes in work environments. The results will help the social welfare and health care sector and the real estate sector to develop solutions for ensuring high-quality patient work and employee well-being.
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The social welfare and health care system is in the midst of significant structural and operational changes. The old buildings are no longer sufficient for current operations, which is why streamlining and modernization measures are required. 

The changes involve a transition to shared appointment facilities and activity-based offices, in which employees no longer have their own workstations.  Information is urgently needed because construction efforts are progressing and there is a shortage of information on shared-use concepts.

This project aims to

  • determine what kinds of facilities and operations concepts the outpatient clinics covered by the study are using
  • identify factors essential to the success of the change in work environments
  • assess the usability of shared workspaces and operating concepts and their impacts on work and occupational wellbeing

Data and methods

Research data will be collected through surveys, interviews and documentation. The study involves six health care organizations, as well as design professionals.

Results and impact

The information gained through the research can be utilized in decision-making related to future social welfare and health care facilities and operations.

The results will also help the design sector to develop concepts that ensure high-quality patient work and the ability of employees to cope with their work in the future. 

Results will be made available in 2024.
The results will be published in international scientific journals and information on them will be provided through seminars, events, newspaper interviews and articles, and social media.

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