New forms of work and ensuring work ability – health-related behaviour in remote work

Remote work and multi-location work are becoming more common in work life. Such work no longer necessarily includes the benefits traditionally associated with it in order to manage the workload, possibly hindering autonomy and concentration, for example. It is unclear how new forms of work affect the work ability and how potential health risks could be addressed. We are studying work ability and health-related behaviour in remote and multi-location work.



More and more work is being carried out remotely and in multiple locations. This means that work can be carried out at home, in transport, in cafés, and so on. In this project concerning remote work and work ability, we are studying work ability and health-related behaviour in remote and multi-location work and the challenges and organization of such work. We will produce information on the connection between remote work, work ability and health-related behaviour. Together with various organizations, we will develop good practices for ensuring work ability in response to the dissolution of the structures of work. 


The aim is to support work ability in remote and multi-location work through management and work arrangements. 

We are examining: 

  • Is remote and multi-location work linked to psychosocial stress? 
  • Are there any professions and groups at risk for alcohol use among those who carry out remote and multi-location work? What health-related behaviour profiles can be discovered there among them? 
  • What forms of work arrangements and characteristics of work associated with remote and multi-location work are linked with health-related behaviour that threatens work ability? 
  • How do different groups, in which either positive or negative health-related behaviour is observed, appear to supervisors, HR and occupational health care? 
  • What tools and measures can be used to promote positive health-related behaviour and work ability? For example, how to detect excessive and risky use of alcohol in remote work and ensure early intervention? 

Our experts

Mirkka Vuorento

Mirkka Vuorento

mirkka.vuorento [at]
+358 30 474 3214
Virpi Ruohomäki

Virpi Ruohomäki

Virpi.Ruohomaki [at]
+358 30 474 2941


  • Alko
  • Ilmarinen
  • LocalTapiola
  • Monetra Oulu
  • Sanoma Markkinointi Routa
  • SOK


The project is funded by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health  together with  The Finnish Work Environment Fund. Project partners are Alko, Elo, Ilmarinen, Keva and Varma.

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