Professional and reforming careers

The rapid development of work life puts pressure on the continuity of working careers and reforming employees' skills. Some employees may feel stuck in their careers, i.e. they do not feel they are making progress, but they have also not been able to find solutions. The Professional and reforming careers project aims at better identification of factors related to poor reformation of skills and career stagnation as well as ways to improve the continuity of careers.





  • To investigate the causes and consequences of poor reformation of careers and career stagnation as well as any possible links to perceived health and job burnout. 
  • To explore the importance of social networks in the work environment in terms of skills and career development. 
  • To find ways to increase the willingness to reform, especially among older employees. 
  • To develop research-based methods for identifying and measuring career stagnation, managing careers and competence development. 

The project will produce new research data on reformation of skills and career stagnation. This information will make it possible to identify the phenomenon more effectively in work organizations and occupational health care. The aim of the project is to improve the reformation of skills, the continuity of working careers and the well-being and motivation of employees in Finnish work life.

Data and methods

  • Interview survey for employees of different ages who feel stuck in their careers and experience challenges in developing their skills. The interview material will be used especially in the planning of the content and implementation of the intervention method and in measuring career stagnations. 
  • Electronic cross-sectional survey designed, in particular, for employees in professions where rapid technological development is causing a large number of changes in job descriptions and required qualifications. 
  • Peer learning-based group intervention method aimed at increasing the level of preparation for the development of one's own skills and career reformation as well as supporting employees in facing career challenges.

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