Sustainability picnic: Workplaces as drivers of sustainable development

The project will organize six workshops for work life policymakers, experts and researchers. The workshops deal with ecological, social and economic sustainability through current work-life themes. The aim is to create a shared view of the role of workplaces as enablers of the sustainability transition and to compile concrete proposals for actions to accelerate the transition in the workplace.
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Society faces a variety of sustainability challenges related to the planet's ecological capacity, economic development, physical and psychological well-being and equality. Workplaces play a key role in solving these challenges. Promoting sustainability in the workplace is linked to strategic management. 
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health uses this project to bring together work life policymakers, experts and researchers in order to create a shared understanding and overview of the links between work life and sustainable development. The sustainability picnic is intended for considering what practical measures workplaces can take in order to accelerate ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development. The project focuses on sustainability activities that combine different industrial sectors and are not directly dependent on the content of the work or whether the organization is public or private.   
The topic will be covered in six workshops:

  1. Orientation to the theme: A systemic overview of the links between sustainability and work life
  2. Sustainable management of premises: How can the management of premises by the workplace be used to support environmental, social and economic sustainability goals?
  3. Sustainable management of the digital transition: How should ecological, social and economic sustainability goals be taken into account in the digital transition of the workplace?
  4. Employees as sustainability actors: What kind of culture contributes to the ecological and social sustainability of the workplace?
  5. Managing sustainable careers: How to manage and promote careers in a socially sustainable way?  Equality, diversity and international recruitment as perspectives.
  6. Sustainability picnic final seminar: What have we learned? What will we take forward? 

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Anna-Maria Teperi

Anna-Maria Teperi

Scientific leader of project, 
Research Professor 

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Kaisa Wallenius

Kaisa Wallenius

Project Manager, 
Senior Specialist

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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 

Are you interested in participating?

Work life policymaker, expert or researcher – would you like to join us for a Sustainability picnic? You can inquire about vacancies for workshops for autumn 2024 and spring 2025 by email: kaisa.wallenius [at]