New projects launched by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health — researched information supports changing work life

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s projects provide research and solutions for socially important and topical issues related to work life. A wide range of new projects have been launched in early 2023 with themes ranging from psychosocial working conditions to safety in the forestry sector, and from preventing exclusion to the climate impact of commuting.
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Carita Aschan
Carita Aschan

– The priorities of our research and project activities include building long careers, enabling the green transition, supporting workplaces undergoing a digital transformation and developing occupational health services as part of the occupational health care system for people of working age, says Carita Aschan, Director of Centre of Expertise for Research and Services.

The extensive research and project activities of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health serve and support work life and its development in a wide variety of ways. Researched information and future prospects is of increased importance when work life is undergoing a transformation.

– Work life is changing constantly and for this reason requires researched information and solutions not only with regard to current issues related to occupational health and safety and well-being at work, but also to anticipate future challenges and opportunities, says Aschan.

There are approximately 120 research or development projects going on at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Important funders include the Finnish Work Environment Fund, the European Social Fund, the Academy of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health with its own funds.

Here are some projects that have been launched recently:

Brief psychotherapy as part of occupational health services of the future

Various international studies show that different brief forms of psychological treatment and psychotherapy can help alleviate psychological symptoms related to mental health disorders. The aim of the project is to study the long-term effects of these modes of treatment on work ability and the need for further mental health treatment and how to integrate them into regular occupational health services.

Brief psychological treatments and psychotherapies as part of future occupational healthcare | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (

Burnout related practices and their implications in selected countries

The project investigates the practices of diagnostics, treatment protocols and rehabilitation related to occupational burnout in various countries. On the basis of the results obtained we will assess how the diagnosing of burnout as a medical disorder will change burnout recognition and treatment in Finland and what preventative measures may be warranted.

Burnout related practices and their implications in selected countries | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (

COMMUTE – Healthy, safe, and climate-friendly commuting

The aim of the COMMUTE project is to study healthy, safe and climate-friendly methods of commuting. The study investigates the link between different methods of commuting and changes related to them and work ability, well-being at work and occupational accident as well as the net impact of different modes of transportation. 

COMMUTE - Healthy, safe, and climate-friendly commuting | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (

Development of the FirstFit method’s instructions, feedback and training

The FirstFit method is a method for assessing and monitoring the physical functional capacity of paramedics and providing feedback related to it. The project aims to develop the method’s test instructions, feedback and training content and the operational model for the method as a whole.

Locating the Essential

Knowledge work is characterized by excess amount of work, it can involve tasks that are inappropriate for one’s job description, and work and private life are often intertwined: the work is overflowing from its boundaries. The Locating the Essential study examines the overflowing of knowledge work in Finnish work life. 

Locating the Essential | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (

MetsäTurva - More effective use of safety data in forestry SMEs

The aim of the MetsäTurva project is to study and develop the observation and reporting processes related to occupational safety. The project’s research subjects include companies in the logging, transport, forestry and forest service sectors.

MetsäTurva – More effective use of safety data in forestry SMEs | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (

Psychosocial working conditions and heart rate variability – better health and heart rate

Psychosocial factors related to working conditions are known to affect the health of employees. However, the aim of the study so far has been to investigate the negative somatic effects of work demands, whereas only little is known about the link between job resources and bodily reactions. By conducting a survey and investigating heart rate variability, we will study what job demands and resources have an essential positive/negative effect on health and prepare learning material to develop these factors.


The main objective of the international project to be launched in March is to seek solutions on how to prevent exclusion from the labour market. In the project, regional “living laboratories” are developed and studied to promote the access to labour market and development of careers of the people in the most vulnerable position.

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Learn more about our research projects on the Research page:

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