About our training

We offer a wide variety of training in well-being at work, supervisory work, occupational safety and health. Our training is based on multidisciplinary research, decades of experience, and interaction with workplaces.
Our training courses enable you to develop both your own and the work community's professional skills and competencies.


Our selection offers a suitable way for everyone to improve their own and their work community’s competence, to better meet the needs of work life. Our offering includes in-person training, lectures and seminars, webinars, independent and trainer-assisted online coaching, and different variations and combinations of these. In addition, we can tailor our training to your specific needs.

For whom?

We offer training for work communities, organizations and individuals. Most of our courses are open to anyone interested in the subject.   

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health also provides training that leads to a qualification in occupational health care. Such courses are aimed at qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychologists who wish to complement their education in order to work in occupational health care.


  1. Our trainers are experts in their field, who also carry out their own development work in various projects.   

  2. Our teaching makes use of the latest research data and proven methods.   

  3. You will network with specialists in your field, and our experts will be at your disposal even after the training.   

  4. You will receive practical tools for the development of work life. 

How we train

1. Clear

Each of our training courses forms a clear and concise unit that is easy to participate in.

2. Goal-oriented

The learner sets clear goals and assesses their progress.

3. Applicable

Learning is linked to the daily life of the workplace. New knowledge and skills are easy to apply. 

4. Community spirit

We support learning from others. The training courses encourage sharing knowledge and skills within the workplace.

5. Reliable information

Our training is based on researched knowledge and practical workplace know-how.

6. Encouraging

The trainers guide in a positive and constructive atmosphere, encouraging more in-depth reflection of issues.


We organize in-person training at the offices of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Kuopio. We also train in other cities, if necessary.

Tip! You can search for our training courses in the training calendar by location.

Our offering also includes training courses that are carried out entirely online. For example, our self-guided online coaching programmes can be completed within a period of two months at your own pace. We also carry out training courses that include both face-to-face and remote learning.  

Custom training (tailor-made courses for groups either online, in person, or as a combination of the two) can be carried out at a location of your choosing. We can also carry out the training course at your facilities, according to your needs.