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Online training

Recovery from work online training course

Recovery from work means letting your brain, body and mind take a break from work and recuperate. Recovery from work is essential for having the energy to do one’s job well and live a full and balanced life.

Recovery prevents the accumulation of stress and burden and the negative effects they have on health. Recovery from Work -online training provides motivation, guidance and the tools to recover from work. Coping with work, work performance and work ability will also improve as a result.

Individual participants: payment method invoice

Register and you will receive login information within 2 working days. Study period for self-study 2 months. Price 195 €/ participant + VAT 24%.

Individual participants: payment method online bank/card

Buy the course now and start self-study right away. Study period 2 months. Price 195 €/participant + VAT 24%

Group discount and customized training courses

Please contact us to get an offer on training course for your team or to book a free product presentation. Customized solution with trainer support or supplementary webinars available.

Course objectives

Content of the online training:

During the training, we guide participants to try different methods of recovering from work and find the ones that work best for them.

The online training has eight modules:

  1. Getting started: Recovery from work and my goals
  2. Exercise: When your body is fit, your brain works better
  3. Stress: Good and bad stress
  4. Psychological recovery
  5. Diet: Energy and routine from food
  6. Time Management: Adding hours to your day
  7. Sleep: Energy from sleep
  8. Alcohol: Enjoy a drink – but in moderation!
  • Duration: 30 - 60 min per module. You can study the online training according to your own schedule during a 2 months study period.

    When the online training course is organised for a group of minimum 10 participants, an introduction webinar, trainer support or a workshop for the group can also be added to the online training program to boost learning.

  • Description

    Recovery from work -online training motivates employees to live healthily at work and in their own lives, which has a positive effect on recovery from work, work ability and occupational safety. A recovered employee has the energy to do their job well and live a full and balanced life.

    For whom

    The Recovery from Work -online training is suitable for all organizations that aim to prevent stress and improve well-being at work. The whole work community or an individual may take part in the online training programme.

    Contact us

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    +358 30 474 2677
    Minna Huuskonen

    Minna Huuskonen

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    Participants’ experiences

    “Made me think about things from a different perspective.”
    “The division into different areas was good, and the coaching deepened my thoughts.”
    “I liked the opportunity to participate according to my own schedule.”