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Zero tolerance for workplace bullying online training course

Would you be interested in participating in the promotion of a functional, well-being work community? A safe work behavior that takes everyone into consideration strengthens the well-being at work. Zero tolerance for workplace bullying - online training enhances your ability to build a positive organizational culture and provides you with knowledge about workplace bullying and how to counteract it. This online training equips you with skills to detect various phenomena of irresponsible work behavior, unfair treatment, harassment, and discrimination.

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Course objectives

Zero tolerance for workplace bullying - online training strengthens the ability of supervisors and members of the work community to address unaccountable work behavior and workplace bullying, as well as to reinforce a culture of accountable conduct.

The objective of the training is for you as a supervisor to recognize what constitutes inappropriate treatment and understand the risks of such behavior in your workplace. You will learn how to address and resolve situations involving inappropriate treatment. Additionally, you will gain the skills to foster a positive work culture and prevent inappropriate behavior and treatment.

- Inappropriate treatment, bullying, harassment, and discrimination are recognized, and we know how to prevent and reduce them.
- Responsible work behavior strengthens and shapes the organizational culture to create a safe working environment for everyone.
- Productivity grows as well-being and resilience improve, and absences decrease.
- Tools, skills, and the courage to address workplace bullying situations increase. Handling such situations emphasizes professionalism.


The online training is based on the results of the research project Sopuisa and has received support from the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The training is divided into six modules, each lasting approximately 30-90 minutes:

  1. What is workplace bullying?
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Raising the issue and investigating
  4. Prevention and fostering culture
  5. The supervisor's professional role
  6. Supervisor's coping and support

In addition to this training for supervisors, we also offer a Zero Tolerance against Workplace Bullying - staff online training. Several organizations provide this training for staff in conjunction with the training for supervisors. The Zero Tolerance against Workplace Bullying - staff training is divided into three parts:

  1. What is workplace bullying?
  2. Sexual harassment at work
  3. Accountable behavior at work

The staff training supports the idea that everyone in the work unit perceives the phenomenon in the same way.

For whom

The online training is primarily intended for all supervisors of the company, but an individual person can also complete the training. In combination with the online training for staff, the online trainings are suitable for the entire organization's personnel or for the entire team in a specific unit.

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