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Safety and health in the workplace online training course

The online course Safety and health in the workplace teaches you to take control of your role in occupational health and safety. On the course, you will enhance your expertise and think about the health and safety practices at your workplace in a concrete way, either on your own or with your team. The training will serve as an induction for new OSH operators, ensure a common knowledge base and support the development of workplace occupational safety practices.

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Register and you will receive login information within 2 working days. Study period for self-study 2 months. Price 159 € + VAT 24%/ participant.

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Buy the course now and start self-study right away. Study period 2 months. Price 159 € + VAT 24%/participant.

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Course objectives

The online training will provide you with an orientation to your OSH duties. After completion, you will be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of various operators, the cooperation principles in OSH, as well as the key cooperation parties and tools for promoting OSH. You will also have considered various aspects of the professional role of an OSH operator, such as the attributes and abilities required for the task, as well as your own attitude towards occupational safety, health and the Vision Zero.

If the OSH operators of a workplace take part in the online training as a group, it allows everyone serving in an OSH role to share the same foundation and competence to support their work. An interactive e-learning environment facilitates discussions and allows the participants to become familiar with each other. While studying, the participants will identify functioning OSH practices and those that require improvements at their own workplace, which will aid the development work at the workplace after the training.


The online training consists of the following themes:

Roles and responsibilities

the roles of various operators, key legislation

Joint activities

the cooperation principle in OSH, a shared workplace and main cooperation parties

Practical tools

basic risk assessment, accident investigation and safety observations, safety communication

Your role

acting as an OSH operator, the Vision Zero of safety, skill development

For whom

The training is intended for all OSH operators: OSH managers, OSH representatives and their deputies, members of an OSH committee, OSH ombudsmen and other individuals appointed to specific OSH duties.

To make the most out of the training, an entire team should complete it together.

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Brochure Safety and health in the workplace online training course

Customer stories

The course covered a surprising number of things. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical at first, but I did enjoy it. It was also nice to read the other representatives' thoughts on the topics.
It was enlightening. Although I was already familiar with the topic, it's worth remembering to look at things more broadly than you'd normally do.
Lots of things to cover, but in a clear and concise form. The exercises and reflections divided the package into convenient segments.
The training taught me really good skills to work in occupational safety and health.